Gerry White

Architect – Sculptor – Painter – Set Designer – Designer – Musician
He was born in 1961 in Mazara del Vallo in the province of Trapani, where he lives and works. His artistic personality is formed through his youth studies, characterized by the post-impressionist art of figurative movements that refer to the Futurists, Cubists and Dadaists.

Particularly fascinated by the art of Umberto Boccioni, he is linked to the work “Unique forms in the continuity of space”, which will influence all his pictorial and sculptural language in the years of artistic maturity. The son of a farmer, he is the penultimate of four children, he develops creative skills within a restricted environment. Versatile and multifaceted artist paints, sculpts, wood and marble, and also works metals, writes, plays and sings.

In 1980 he obtained the Maturity of Applied Art at the Regional Art Institute of Mazara del Vallo in the Wood Section, where he learned the techniques of Carving and Inlay. The professors from the earliest years identified him as one of the leading young people in the institute.
The early works around the 80s are characterized by figurative works, which will serve as a study. In 1987 he graduated with honors from the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo. He began his professional activity as an architect in the field of building planning, furniture and design.

In 1990 he experienced his first public appearances creating important sets for various theater companies and television studios.
In 1992 he moved to Agrigento, working for the Superintendence of Cultural and Environmental Heritage, here he found the ideal place for his artistic inspirations and also the first important artistic awards. This is the period in which the reference to archeology and architecture is highlighted in painting.

In 1998 he had the opportunity to meet the art critic Vittorio Sgarbi from whom he found ample gratification and approval for his works.
It is from 2000 onwards that he found his artistic identity, following his transfer to the headquarters of the Superintendence BB.
CC. AA. of Trapani, creating a dynamic style of its own, which will characterize all subsequent production.

In 2000 he published the monograph catalog of his works “Sinergie Sinuose”, which was followed by the great exhibition at the Favara Scurto palace in Mazara.
From 2007 until today he has created dozens of sculptures on the sand, called “Grains of Sand”, which the author leaves to the visual memory, rich in emotional content made up of the relationship between light and shadow form, which the observer has had the opportunity to view. in a fleeting way, as the fragile works undone by the wind and time leave only the memory through a click

In 2008 he created the “great mural” for an extended wall of 5 x3 meters. in the entrance hall of the Commercial Institute of Mazara del Vallo.
In Gibellina in the province of Trapani there is a max canvas measuring 2x 5 meters entitled “Tension in Gibellina”, created by the author in the “Nottarte” en plein air – in land art of 2011, later exhibited on the occasion of the Nottarte KING-
WIEV 2012 at the “Ludovico Corrao Civic Museum of Contemporary Art” in Gibellina. This is where the experimentation of an out-of-the-box painting technique was born, based on the use of the “mop and broom”.

In the municipality of Mazara del Vallo, at the Galleria Sicilia, there is a large canvas entitled “Dynamism and Sinuosity”, made with acrylic colors.
In 2011 he gives life to three-dimensional paintings, which he will define “Quadrimension”, a revaluation of objects with a Dadaist interpretation, revised and assembled on colored panels. The last years from 2010 to 2012 are characterized by the use of iron rods and plates wrapped, intertwined and modeled with his soft style that he defines as “The Reticular Sculptures”. The works: “Esse”, “Le twin towers” and “Scudo” are highlighted.

In 2012 he created the large canvas entitled “Trama”, measuring 4.65 x 1.65 meters, a gift to the Municipality of Mazara del Vallo located in the Sicily gallery of the Convento del Carmine.
In July 2012 he participated in the National Art Festival “Farm Cultural Park”
In September 2012 he took part in the “Guinness World Record” with the most colorful canvas in the world in Castellammare del Golfo, the only absolute world record, realizing 350 square meters. of colored canvas together with 350 other artists.

In October 2012 he received an important International prize in Lugano in Switzerland at the National Competition “3 Colonne” with the work “Trama”.
In November 2012, the 2.80 x 1.65 canvas entitled “The wealth of art in a drop of poverty” was placed in the city of Finarantosa, the 2nd capital of Madagascar.
In 2013 he participated in the Ferus Event at the Palace of Justice of Trapani with the iron work entitled “Theft with the wrong” work against the mafia.

In 2013 he created the large 12-ton dolomitic stone monument entitled “Divine Fluid” at the c / da Strasatti in Marsala piazza Fiera.
In 2015 the pictorial work entitled “Polis” was placed at the Town Hall of the municipality of Campobello di Mazara, measuring 4.50x 1.50 meters.
In 2016 he created the mural “La Sulana nell’arte” in Piazza del Popolo in the coastal town of Mazara, measuring 7.00×2.80 meters.

In 2016 he donated the pictorial work “La Grande Battaglia” to the city of Rome, located at the Campidoglio size mt.1.80x 1.55
In 2018 he created the 22-ton concrete work entitled “The dimension of time” at Borgata Costiera di
Mazara del Vallo with a height of 5.20 meters.
In 2019 he donated the painting “The Scream of Hope” to the Abele Aiello Hospital in Mazara, dimensions 3.50x 1.50 meters

Over the years he has created important sets for theater companies in the world of culture and entertainment.
The numerous sculptures in olive wood called “Olive Souls” made of sinuous and dynamic weaves, which
with intense emotional charge they animate dead trunks that have lost their life cycle, to relive with a content and
new meaning. Among these most significant works are listed: “Animal Metamorphosis”, “Winged Body”, “Root”,
“Girandola”, “Pesciform”, “Escapology”, “Equinus”, “Tongues of Fire”, “The Holy Family” “Inversus”, “The weight
of the Soul “,” Infinite Dimension “,” Wings to the Wind “,” SSpada “” Hidden Ascent “Thin Essence”.
He has numerous solo exhibitions in the region. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and
impromptu paintings in Palermo, Partanna, Finale di Pollina (PA), Petrosino (TP), S.

Margherita Belice (AG), Collesano
(PA), Taormina (ME), Giardini Naxos (ME), Mistretta (ME), Agrigento, Menfi (AG), Porto Empedocle (AG), Mazara del
Vallo, Marsala, Trapani, Granitola Tower (Campobello di Mazara), Porto Palo (AG), Gibellina (TP), Sciacca (AG), Favara (Ag),
Alcamo (TP), Valderice (TP), Castellammare (TP), and has found considerable interest from the public and critics; and brought back many first prizes.

He has exhibited at art galleries, examples of his works can be found in private collections in: Italy, Canada,
Switzerland, Madagscar, his works have been the subject of publications in art magazines, Art Leader, “Sicilia
Culture “, Chronicles and many newspapers have written about him. He defines himself as an artist of the” Whiplash Line “, he loves the” liberty “style, the sinuous, flexible line. For Gerry Bianco
the task of sculpture and painting is to transform a concept, an abstraction. It is the clever combination of color and
lines that give rhythm and dynamism to the whole composition. The elegance and sinuosity of the movements of his sculptures propose zoomorphic figures, contemporary forms, declined according to the contents that the artist has always preferred,
giving charm to works that are pleasant and captivating. He engages in everything that is part of artistic harmony, not
separates sculpture from painting, architecture, poetry and music.
According to the artist, “Art must have an evocative effect, provoke, arouse emotions, break into the body,
harmonize the space of everyday life “.